The 5 Boys That Ruined Me


Never thought I’d find someone blinking to be attractive but Niall Horan sure did it in the You & I video.

First ten seconds and I was gone. That lad destroys me.

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Y’all STAY talking shit!

Is nothing they do good enough? I’m seeing that this video was “too boring” or “too slow” or “didn’t make sense.” and all that shit.

I call bollocks. The tone of the video and the tone of the song worked quite well together and I thought they did an excellent job in the outcome. Yes, you were probably expecting something epic but the song doesn’t call for that.

Y’all bitchin about MM being so ridiculous and overly cheesy and stupid and now when they take it to a serious route and make it simpler and more fitting, y’all still complaining.

Here’s a tip. Lower your fucking standards. You will not ever get a music video of them just naked and singing like I know most of you want (shit I want it too, not even tryin to front) but give these boys a break will ya?

They did a beautiful job and froze their cute little bums off to make that FOR YOU & FOR US as a fanbase. Show some god damn appreciation and respect because they didn’t have to do a god damn thing.

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Liam’s beard is growing to some epic proportions.

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